About the artist

As an artist Dale Marx has had a wide and varied career.

As a young artist he focused on drawing with pencils and oil pastels and won awards using pen and ink. In college he enjoyed graphic design, painting, sculpture, and pottery. He graduated with a BA in Art having a concentration in jewelry making and silversmithing, along with two minors, one in art history and another in regional planning. During college Dale also became proficient at architectural drawing and was able to be mentored as a jeweler.

While attending and after graduating from seminary, Dale utilized his creativity to designing experiences and programs for youth ministry, working in various churches.

After thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 1998, Dale focused again on his passion for art by creating mixed media (pencil, colored pencil, and acrylic paint) paintings that expressed his love for landscapes and the story that the land can speak. He describes these paintings as a form of symbolic realism. They depict Farmscapes of Lancaster County. Dale has won a number of awards and displayed and sold many originals and prints through shops, galleries, and art shows.

As part of his art business, MarxArt, Dale also pursued a Webmaster Certificate and started MarxArt Interactive. He has made animated art by using Adobe Flash and designed many websites for clients. He has also taught courses in Flash, Dreamweaver and Web Design at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.

More recently his carpentry, carving, and painting skills were used building sets at Sight & Sound Theatres. There he was able to be a part of a creative team that brought amazing environments to life. Carving foam to look like rock, weathered stucco, layered stone walls and foam to look like wood beams and planking was an awesome creative experience.

Over the years, Dale has used his skills for design and composition, for color and detail, and for space and light, energizing his desire to see beyond the everyday world and seeking to give life through art to something greater. Whether this happens by designing new camp cabins and inspiring others to join together to build them, or designing websites, or painting landscapes with pastels or acrylics, or completing house renovations, or building theatre sets, to Dale life is a work of art.


Shift is a newer direction for Dale's art - into the realm of abstraction. He has found it to be filled with energy, color, and the texture of paint. The mindless overlay of graphics are sometimes surprising and hint at a world of spirit that lies hidden in between what we can see and what we know.